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Calculate Amount of Yarn Needed for a C2C Project

If you’ve ever wondered how to calculate how much yarn you need for your C2C project, you’ve come to the right place.


Crochet a Gauge Swatch

It is essential to crochet a gauge swatch if you wish to know how much yarn will be needed to complete your C2C project. If you have never made a swatch before, you can find instructions for one HERE.



Calculating Yarn Yardage

For this step, we need to weigh our gauge swatch using a digital scale. Once we know the weight of our sample, we can calculate how much yarn was used to crochet the swatch. As you can see in the photo below, my sample weighed 28 grams.  According to the manufacturer’s label for this yarn, a full skein measures 198 grams and contains 360 yards.



Divide the total yards in the skein by the weight of the skein.

360 / 198 = 1.818

Take that number and multiply it by the weight of the sample.

1.818 x 28 = 50.9

The gauge swatch is 10 x 10 blocks, which is a total of 100 blocks.
Therefore, 100 C2C blocks is equal to 50.9 yards of yarn.


Now we’ll take a look at the total blocks from one of my patterns as an example.

Take the total number of blocks for both colors and divide by 100 (the size of our sample).

Blue: 4,648 / 100 = 46.48

White: 3,852 / 100 = 38.52

Now multiply those numbers by the total yards in bold above.

Blue: 46.48 x 50.9 yds = 2,365.83 yds

White: 38.52 x 50.9 yds = 1,960.67 yds

Assuming each skein size is the same as the example given above, divide the total yards of each color by the total yards of the skein.

Blue: 2,365.83 yds / 360 yds =  6.57 skeins

White: 1,960.67 yds / 360 yds = 5.45 skeins

We now know that we will need approximately 6.5 skeins of blue yarn and 5.5 skeins of white yarn for the project. It’s always a good idea to have a little extra of each color in case of any discrepancies in the measurements.

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