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How to Change Yarn Colors in C2C Crochet

If you are new to crocheting pixel graphs, this tutorial demonstrates how to change yarn colors when following a graphed chart pattern.

I will be using this small graph chart as the example for the color changes.


For seamless color changes, always switch to your new color when working the SL ST in the ch-3 space.

Carrying the Working Yarn

If you are only working one block in the new color and then changing back to the main color for the block after, you can carry the working strand of the main color by crocheting over it with the new color. Then carry the main color strand up to SL ST in the next ch-3 space.

If you have two blocks of the new color in a row (like in Row 4 of our example), it’s best to cut the main color and join a new strand after the two blocks of new color. The reason being that if you carry the working strand over more than one block, it will show through the stitches and won’t look very tidy.


Written Instructions for Sample Graph Chart

Row 1 [RS]: (purple) x 1 (1 block)
Row 2 [WS]: (purple) x 2 (2 blocks)
Row 3 [RS]: (purple) x 1, (blue) x 1, (purple) x 1 (3 blocks)
Row 4 [WS]: (purple) x 1, (blue) x 2, (purple) x 1 (4 blocks)
Corner: Start decreasing on both ends
Row 5 [RS]: (purple) x 1, (blue) x 1, (purple) x 1 (3 blocks)
Row 6 [WS]: (purple) x 2 (2 blocks)
Row 7 [RS]: (purple) x 1 (1 block)


Photo Tutorial for Changing Colors



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