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C2C Tiger Stripes Blanket Pattern

The elegant and powerful tiger symbolizes dignity, ferocity and courage. The tiger is also a symbol of protection, and a person can ward off any semblance of harm by displaying…

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C2C Giraffe Print Crochet Blanket

Bring a touch of the safari wilds to your home with this fun C2C giraffe print blanket. More animal print patterns coming soon.     This site contains advertisements and…

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C2C Snake Skin Print Blanket Pattern

This C2C snake skin blanket would make the perfect gift for any reptile lover. Other animal print patterns coming soon!     This site contains advertisements and affiliate links. If…

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C2C Zebra Print Blanket Pattern

Jazz up your living room with this fun zebra print crochet blanket. Other animal print patterns coming soon!     This site contains advertisements and affiliate links. If you make…

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How to Crochet a C2C Square

If you are just starting out with C2C crochet, the basic square is a good place to begin as it will teach you the basics of increasing and decreasing. There…

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How to Crochet a C2C Rectangle

Let’s learn how to crochet a C2C rectangle. There are written instructions for the pattern below, followed by a photo tutorial.     Abbreviations (US Terms): CH = chain DC…

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C2C Rainbow Mermaid Scales Pattern

I posted a version of this mermaid scales pattern with more traditional colors of blue, purple and pink, but I couldn’t resist doing a rainbow version too. So, get ready…

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C2C Mermaid Scales Blanket Pattern

As a young girl, I spent quite a bit of time dreaming of being a beautiful mermaid, gliding through cool waters and collecting shiny treasures from the sandy bottoms. Now…

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C2C Rainbow Baubles Crochet Pattern

Rainbows never fail to bring a smile to my face and seeing one always makes it worth having those rainy days. This site contains advertisements and affiliate links. If you…

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