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C2C Pinwheel Blanket Pattern

This colorful pinwheel blanket C2C crochet pattern offers a creative and vibrant design. The result is a visually striking and eye-catching blanket, perfect for adding pops of color to any…

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C2C Rainbow Mermaid Scales Pattern

I posted a version of this mermaid scales pattern with more traditional colors of blue, purple and pink, but I couldn’t resist doing a rainbow version too. So, get ready…

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C2C Rainbow Baubles Crochet Pattern

Rainbows never fail to bring a smile to my face and seeing one always makes it worth having those rainy days. This site contains advertisements and affiliate links. If you…

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C2C Rainbow Unicorn Crochet Pattern

This C2C rainbow unicorn pattern was a special design request from my very best friend. She will be making this blanket for her adorable little great-granddaughter and I can’t wait…

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